Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack

Hi all. I wasn't gone long but it is still good to be back. Brrrr it is cold outside lol. Yesterday I was running errands and it started hailing. There was snow falling near by but not in the town I live in but still. Saying snow is a curse word in my house lol. Too soon for snow wahhhhhhhhh lol.
This is a picture of my daughter D and her best friend R. They have been best buds since pre school. All the pictures look like this one. How annoying lol. I am trying to track down some better ones from some of her friends that were there. We shall see :) It's a cute picture but I would of liked to have one of her dress etc. Oh well.
I went to the doctor yesterday. Got the run around about the time I had to be there. They tend to do that there and it is ANNOYING. So, I got there earlier like they wanted me to and proceeded to wait for twenty minutes. I had my daughter with me as I had to take her to dance after my appointment. I was crossing my fingers that I would be out of there on time. A women came in and started crying and couldn't stop. I felt bad for her and tried not to look over too often. My daughter was in another world and didn't even notice. Turns out she was having anxiety attacks. Felt so bad for her. Anyway, I went in and told the doctor what was up. Lets just say the result included some scissors and gause and tape that wouldn't cooperate at the time. It was very comical but I didn't notice to much since I was the one bleeding lol. I feel much better now and am on antibiotics. Being sore is much easier then being in the pain I was in for over a week so whoooohooo lol.
Ok so enough of that. Not much else going on except some drama my best friend is going through that I cannot get into details with. Lets just say what comes around, goes around and this someone messing with her will get theres in the end!!!!! Alrighty then lol I will end this now. You all take care and have a good rest of the week.


Alice said...

Well hi there :) Going to the doctor is never any fun but glad you got whatever it was "fixed" :)......alice

Missie said...

Have a good night.

Searching for Peace said...

I am glad you went to the doctor and you feel better. I understand what that lady feels like with the panic attacks. I get those all the time and I cry alot when i get them. Sometimes i feel like going to the hospital. They are very scarey. God Bless her. I hope your friend is ok. ..hugs, Christine (struggling with my life)

a corgi said...

so glad you went to the doctor; hoping you feel better soon!

your daughter and her friend are so pretty! its neat that they have been friends for that long too! always need to have good friends in our lives :)


lisa jo said...

glad you got into the doctor and didnt wait too long. Your daughter is very pretty! XO

Rose said...

kids can be so clueless!