Monday, October 27, 2008

An Ok Weekend

Hey all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was ok. We hung out at home most of the time. I did go to bingo Saturday night but that is about it. We caught up on some cleaning and laundry. I know how exciting lol. My daughter still hasn't figured what she wants to be or do on Halloween. I mostly stay home and give out treats but a friend of mine wants go out to Halloween bingo. So we shall see what happens.

My cat Felix is almost back to normal. His wound is very small and I hope to not have to see any of it soon lol. My problem is much better too so that is something to be thankfull for lol.

We played guitar hero this weekend lol. It is one of our favorite things to do. We also have sing star and like to play that at times too. Hey, it keeps us entertained right lol. What is sad is that my daughter is better at the guitar then any of us lol.

Well tommorow I'm going out to my friends house and we're going to make dinner and watch a scary movie. Should be fun if all goes as planned lol. I say that because alot of times when we plan something, weird things happen. I tell her we have the Thelma and Louise syndrome lol. Like one day we were going to the flea market and ended up in a ditch with snow up to our waists lol. Ya, fun wow lol. Another time we ended up shopping and came out to a flat tire. Took hours to get help and back home. The list goes on and on lol.

I am trying a tag out .. hope it works and if it does.. thanks Sugar for the tag lol. Have a good week!!!


lisa jo said...

i once went to take a friend to a craft shop and got run off the road by a dump truck and had to get my car totaled and had to buy another car so i can relate. Halloween bingo sounds like fun! XO

Alice said...

Just never know what to expect do you? Have a great day :)......

Rose said...

I'll probably stay home for halloween too. I do have the day off so that's cool