Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Progress!!!!!

Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well. We had an ok Sunday. Spent all day with my daughter and we fiddled on the computer trying to figure out how to make my blog look all pretty like lol. She knows how to do some things that I don't so I asked for her help lol pathetic I know lol. She told me in the end that she didn't really help much but I think she did since my blog is looking much nicer now. Maybe I just needed back up on some of my thinking on how to do it lol. There are still some things that I would like to do different but that will come with time. It helps to have graphics.which I don't hehe. I'm paranoid that I will post some things without permission etc and get in trouble. So any of you graphic geeks out there I would love some to post on my journal lol.
The picture I am including is of my daughter at her birthday party last month. We had it at the bowling ally in our town. It seems to be her favorite place to have her party so we went with the easy way out. Many friends and family came and we all had a good time.
I see that I have some new followers and commenter's thanks so much for coming and joining in. Never did I think I would have my own blog and hold any interest of others lol.
Well, with the holiday comes both my husband and daughter home to drive me crazy but that's ok there are things to do get the Halloween stuff out and put it outside LOL. One can hope right?lol
Ok all have a good week!!!


lisa jo said...

your blog is so cute, i love it. I am lucky i am able to even email and this transition has been awful! Your daughter is so daughter bowled on a league for 10 yrs when she was young and we had lots of parties at the bowling alley. I always LOVED the food there! XO

Sharlene said...

great job! Your blog looks very nice. I haven't gotten that far with mine. I'm just using the basic templets.

Alice said...

It's looking just fine here. I tried using one of these templates and all I got was their logo at the top:( Have a great day :)......alice

Missie said...

Okay, now i have to get me some halloween pets! LOL

a corgi said...

so cute that your daughter can help pretty up your blog; our kids seem to be so computer savvy don't they? looks like she had a great time at her party last month :)


Rose said...

I love your blog very festive! rose