Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Swell Saturday...uhhh ya sure lol

Hey all. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Mine, eh it's ok. I had to take my daughter to her soccer game and then run a few errands. Not much going on so I guess that is a good thing???lol The picture is of my daughter and Mama on a day like today where there is much leisure time lol. She would kill me if she knew I was posting this picture but I couldn't resist ..its so cute lol. My daughters nick name is brat so if it slips on here you will know who I'm speaking of lol. She is going to a birthday dinner for one of her cousins tonight and I may go out to a friends house to watch movies and have a few beers. Whooohoo now that's living. OK well enough babble. I will close for now and see you all laterzz. Have a good rest of the weekend!!!! chow for now


Missie said...

The picture of your daugher and the cat is adorable.

lisa jo said...

A Saturday night with a friend, a beer and a good movie sounds like heaven to me. Your daughter was so cute and check out the cats eyes! CrosseD! XO

madcobug said...

AWWWW, picture is so cute. Mama looks like she is so compy that she is almost asleep. Helen