Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Had a Nice Halloween and Busted!!!

Well, we had a nice Halloween. Didn't get many trick or treaters so I am told. Needless to say we still have candy left over ..blachh. I didn't win at bingo much to my surprised haha. Had a nice evening hanging out with a couple of friends of mine anyway. My daughter spent the night over her cousins house so I didn't have to be home at any particular time lol.

Right now my husband is out voting. I have not decided if I am going or not. I haven't been feeling that great so it will be a wait and see how long the line is lol.

The picture up above is of my sweet daughter years ago and our dog who was a puppy and so clean I have never gotten her that sparkly since I've had her lol. Anyway, when I look at that picture and ones of her when she was a baby I tear up. Yesterday she was busted smoking outside our house waiting for the bus. I don't think she thought I would peek out but I did. I stood there for a good half a minute watching puffs of smoke like a train float in the air near her. Not believing what I was seeing. This after all was my child who put others down for smoking and drinking. Even adults, she would chastise for drinking a beer. I cannot tell you how many times she has given her dad the evil eye when he said he had a beer out with friends at golf. We are not even allowed to have beer in our fridge or she freaks out. So tell me this, why oh why has she done this???? I'm eaten up inside and feel like such a bad parent. Well, we had a discussion with her last night and will let her soak in the thought of what kind of punishment she will get come Friday. The hammer is going to come down hard and swift and she will hate us for awhile. I am not looking forward to it but what can I do??

I need a beer and a cig LOL. Ok ok that won't solve a thing but I still want it. Oh, and we had a lice scare as a friend of mines daughter got it the other day. So far so good as we don't have it. Anything else want to happen this week??lol


Alice said...

I'd rather the smoke than the lice.lol :).......

Monica said...

I don't know what kind of trick or treater turn out we had in our neighborhood as we were photographing a wedding.

As for the election turn out - CRAZY but exciting to see everyone out voting. I waited OVER two hours to vote - which is so unlike me to be that patient in waiting.


Kelly Dawn said...

you gotta choose your battles....ground her goofy butt....or make her smoke a whole pack in an hour.. :)


Dornbrau said...

I remember when I found out that my oldest was smoking. I had gotten him a job at my store and our manager dragged us both into the office because Gabe had been goofing off and smoking on the clock. The manager wanted me to get after my son for goofing off but I was too mad because of the smoking!
We had 3 bouts of head lice this summer. Once over Memorial Day, then again in August and October. I think we've finally gotten rid of them... until the next time. Grrrr!