Sunday, November 23, 2008

My First Award :)

Hi all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was a little bit of good a little not so good lol. First off I want to thank Alice for the Marie Antoinette award. It is my first ever award woohoo. Thank you so much Alice :). I will be posting some awards at the end of my post as well. It's hard to pick them as alot of you have them already lol. So if you get one from me and you already have it I am sorry and you don't have to pass it on as I know you have already done so lol.

Some what of an update on my brother. Looks like some toxins in his liver was causing the breaking out. He is not a drinker or anything like that so they are not sure why it happened. The lovely insurance he has is not covering his stay at the hospital which is around seven thousand dollars. Yeah real nice insurance place grrr. On Tuesday he will be going back to work so I hope all goes well and he can have some normalcy.

Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without a bingo loss. Yeaapppp went to bingo and didn't win..shock of all shocks lol. Spent the day today watching the Buffalo Bills kick some butt wooohoooooo. It's about time they won a game. Even though they won and hubby wasn't grumpy he chose to drive me nuts and start arguments. Sometimes I wonder why were are still married lol. I finally got some peace when he went to bed, finished the dishes and came on here to unwind.

Looks like we may just spend Thanksgiving just us three here this year. We were going to go to my sister and brother in laws then we all got invited to another sister in laws. I have met her twice and have never met her husbund. I don't know about you all but I much rather spend my day at home and relaxed then go to someones house I don't know and play nice lol. Oh well, there is always Christmas. I know for sure where I am going then hehe. Ok this is long enough lol .. have a good week all :)

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Missie said...

Congrats on the award.

Have a good week.