Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Late Post

Hey all. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. We are doing good here. My husband had Friday off so after school we went to run some errands together. Now this doesn't happen too often. Either my hubby goes to the store by himself or with our daughter or her and I go. It was a nice change and we got through it lol. We went to Aldis and bulked up on lots of things since we don't make it there too often. I wish we had one closer but what can you do lol. After, we went to target to get my husband the things he needed for the winter weather that is coming. He delivers newspapers and mail so he is in the elements alot. I had to get this video game that is somewhat new so we ended up going to best buy for that. One last stop to pick up dinner at Outback and we started home. It was a long day but a good one. Now I have so much stuff I can't fit it all in so needless to say I have to clean out my kitchen and organize lol. Tomorrow I am planning on making pigs in the blanket or some call it stuffed cabbages. Yummy we love these, well everyone but my picky husband. So that is all we have planned for the rest of the weekend. That and watching the football game and maybe a rented movie.

We sat down with D my daughter to give her the list of punishments she is getting for the smoking incident. She lost her texting for a long time and won't be going to the concert she has been wanting to go to in December. There are a few other things but the texting is the worse for her lol. She cried, of course I felt bad but I told her that maybe next time she is thinking of doing something she knows is not right she will think back and not want to get punished like this again. So after some more talk and some hugs we got on with our day and she seems like she is coming to terms with the situation.

The picture above is of her and her cousin who goes to the same school and is the same age. They were born within a week of each other. Since then, five other cousins have joined in and the sixth is on its way come the end of November. I also have a second cousin that will be coming sometime near veterans day. I love babies and wish I could of had more but that was not the plan for me I guess. The other day I did some online baby shopping and can't wait to see these cuties come along.

Ok well, I will end this for now. Have a great Sunday.


lisa jo said...

we have Aldi's right across the street from my WM. Sounds like you all had a good night out. We do not have a local OUTBACK..i love love their bread. Enjoy your Sunday. XO

Searching for Peace said...

Sometimes it is hard to punish oans ee them cry. I hate to see them not happy but I know I have to do it. She will thank you later. My sister passed away from lung complications due to smoking. I am glad that you had a nice day out. ..hugs, Christine