Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey all. Hope everyone is doing good. I'm doing fine. Just trying to get more in the holiday spirit of things. I still haven't finished decorating the house but we do have the tree and lights up.

Thank you all for the sweet comments on the baby. She is a cutie and a welcomed edition to this already big family lol. Maybe, just maybe I will get to meet the other new edition come Christmas time.

About three years or so back we had a bit of a family falling out. My mother was angry, I was angry and her husband was as well. None of it was my fault but I stuck my two cents in and was punished for that fact. My mother in turn stopped having any holiday meals or get togethers for anything. My step father stopped speaking to me and it was a big slap in the face. Birthdays and holidays came and went and we didn't see each other at all. I was so sad for the holidays to come. When my daughter has her dance recitals we would all gather and go see her do her thing but I wasn't spoken to or sat by. Well my mom did but my step dad hadn't spoken to me in years up until last June. After last June he emailed me and wanted to let it all go as we weren't getting any younger. All this caused alot of rifts through our family and we haven't had a Christmas all together in three years. I get sent Christmas cards from my mom with a check inside. The gift or money doesn't mean anything to me but being together with each other is what matters. She still isn't having us over during these occasions but at least we get along and can all be nice etc. This Christmas we are having some relatives come out for a visit and I hope to see us all together in one room. That is top on my Christmas wish list. You never know when your time will come..spend that time with loved ones. Give them big hugs and let them know you love them. Time is short and building those memories is priceless.

Ok now that I have rambled on I will close this for now lol. Take care and hugs to you all. Thank you Sugar for the cute tag.


Alice said...

I hope you and your family get together soon and mend fences :)...

Missie said...

Have a good Friday!