Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy Snow Batman lol


Hi all. Hope everyone is warm and cozy at home. It has been crazy here with high winds and tons of snow for the past few days. Friday and today my daughter had snow days. She goes back for one day then it is vacation time..woohooo lol. Two different storms have passed through here since Friday. It's so crazy that my hubby couldn't even deliver the newspaper last night. Tons of vehicles stuck in ditches. Even the plows themselves were in ditches. I just hope that Christmas is not going to be bad as we have a 45 minute drive ahead of us. Fun times lol. Oh and my husbands windshield wiper broke lol. Perfect timing I guess lol. We also need to get new tires on my car as it isn't too good in the snow. Gotta love winter lol.

I'm all done with my Christmas shopping thank goodness and we have made the cookies. The party was nice and we all chatted and baked and had some wine lol. My friend that was in the hospital is doing better. There are things she still has to follow up on that will suck but at least she is healthy enough to enjoy the holidays. We are going to bingo tomorrow and exchanging gifts so that will be a fun outing. I'm crossing my fingers that the snow will stay away as I drive there and back lol. Ok take care all and have a good week. Thanks again Sugar for the pretty tag :)


Monica said...

The kids here had snow days that lead right into winter break - no going to school for a day. I had a car spin right in front of me, I was worried I'd hit him but, I stopped without spinning, whew.

Looks like you are all ready for the holidays! I mostly wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Rose said...

Merry Christmas Sweetie!

Hugs, Rose

Missie said...

Enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Rose said...

we had a snow day last friday. it's been crazy here in Illinois too, freezing then snow, than rain than cold again!!

merry christmas!!