Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Snow is Here

Photobucket Before I start I just want to thank Sonya for the tag. I've been going to a few tag blogs and snatching all the good thanks again everyone lol. Well, the snow has hit my area. I think we got like half a foot out there. It's freezing brrrrrrrrrrrr. All this week and some of last the snow has hit all around us and I was thank full for that lol. We were due to get it sooner or later. I don't like driving in the snow or walking in it. My husband doesn't either and wants to move to somewhere warm but I don't want to leave my family and friends here. No matter where you live you have to live with some weather condition that you don't like so we have to grin and bear it lol.

This Sunday we are suppose to go over my brother in laws and have a belated turkey dinner and meet the new addition. I must remember to bring my camera so I can post some pictures of her on here. My sister in law had a c section last Friday and she is already going out and doing things. I think that is crazy but she is on her 7 th child so I guess she is a pro at what her body can handle. Ok, time for bed. Take care all.


Tightening the Corset Again said...

I love snow and can't wait for our first snowfall but won't drive in it. Scares me to death!

Have a great Saturday!

D said...

snow is pretty... but sometimes I just get tired of it.. this year I won't have to shovel.. LOL
Enjoy and stay safe

Paula said...

We haven't had a snow here since 1985. It would be fun to have one again but we are so unprepared for them I am always worried the pipes will freeze and people here sure doesn't know how th drive in a snow.

Missie said...

Snow looks pretty, but that's about it. I hate the white stuff.LOL

Enjoy your Sunday.