Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

Ok well hello all. This is the second attempt at posting this week. The first time I tried frustrated me because I had typed it all and looked over it and was going to post and it disappeared lol. It wasn't so funny when it happened but I'm going to give it another try now that I'm not angry lol.

Well I am going to try to make this short because I am eager to get past this in my blog. I stayed with my friend and my daughter and hubby stayed with his brothers family. A house with seven children in it lol.. yes I said seven. My one child being there made it eight kids and three adults in the house. Ahhhh I am so glad I chose to stay with a friend because I don't think I could of dealt with the noise. My hat is off to my sister in law because that is alot of work phheww just thinking about it tires me lol. We were homeless for about a month. I happened to fall into getting a place that a friend of mine was moving out of. There was alot of work to be done as we were moving things in. Hectic is an understatement and we were very impatient. Thank goodness we finally got in and settled and thanks to having renters insurance we were able to have furniture etc. It was alot of work but for sure was worth it. I can't wait to have Christmas here. We had Easter dinner here and a couple of bbqs. It is just nice to have a place that is your own. The saying you don't miss it until you don't have it is very true.

So now I am settled and it is my daughters bday as well as mine and my anniversary this month. She is a senior this year and I know that I am going to be crazy busy with things but I welcome it. I craved normalcy for so long that now that I have it I take time to look around and enjoy life, even the crazy times lol.

I would like to change this blog but I don't remember how to and it looks like it has changed since I changed it the last time.. OH well all in good time.

Take care all

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Monica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be sure to visit when you post. =)

I had three children and they made me feel like I was chasing after 6 or more at times! I can't and don't want to imagine 7 kids in the house.

Happy b-day to your daughter, you and of course Happy Anniversary too!