Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas gone by...

Seems so long ago we lived in this house and had all these keepsakes and memories of many a holiday. I can look at some of these pics and see things I had and cherished. Yes, it has made me sad and grumpy this Christmas but I am forever grateful that I have my family this Christmas. I guess it is time to make more memories although new they will be with me forever.

Almost a year has passed since the fire but it feels just like yesterday is that weird? I don't know I just feel raw still and I keep trying to make plans to do fun lil things like make cookies and watch Christmas movies but no matter what I end up at the same place lol. Well I have made out my Christmas cards and my tree is up and yes there are some lights up outside lol. Next week I have plans to make cookies with friends and family and learn how to make fudge..should be interesting. I hope all of you are having a great Christmas time. Take care

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madcobug said...

Have a great Christmas. Helen