Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hello all I just logged in and made my way here and sat and read my last entry. Life was so simple then but it didn't seem like it at the time. A few weeks ago I was over visiting a friend for the weekend. It was suppose to be a overnight thing but we had so much fun I decided to stay another night. On that Sunday morning we stayed up until five am only to hear my phone go off at six am. I thought I was dreaming and tried to fall back to sleep. It rang again so I finally got up and checked my voicemail.

The first message was from the sheriff asking me to call him and the next was from my sister in law in tears asking for me to call her. All I could think of was something happened to my husband or daughter. Hubby was delivering papers and my daughter was in the city at a church weekend function. My phones signal sucked but I attempted to call my sister in law. It was valentines day an I had planned on going home and spending the day with my family but my sister in law told me through tears that it was gone. I asked what was gone,, she said the house an I asked who's house... she said your house. The connection was lost and I freaked out.. I went into shock. I later found out that if I had been there I wouldn't of made it out. For some weird reason we were all out at six am on a Sunday. Thank god

Unfortunately our amazon bird and beloved mamma cat along with two hamsters from school did not get so lucky. I will continue this story which has become my life soon. Take care all and hold onto the ones you love because you never know.