Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not Such a Boring Week

Hey all. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had ours here at home and all was good except for some spilt turkey juice which started our oven smoking lol..cough cough. I did go to bingo this week and won wooohoo. Not alot but hey I broke my streak of loosing lol. I was in a hurry going home as I had to go to the bathroom lol. Doing the pee dance in my car seat I drove home and passed by a trooper sitting on the side of the road. No, I wasn't speeding because I had to I figured I was all good and they didn't have a reason to pull me over. Well, I was wrong. Ya, he pulled me over and all the sudden the feeling of having to go went away lol. Keep in mind it was still Thanksgiving and I get pulled over grrrr. He asked me if I knew why I was pulled over and I said no of course I don't lol. I guess one of my tail lights was out. Come on now I get pulled over on Thanksgiving for a tail light??????? It seemed like forever while he went back to his car to run my info through the system. Hey, I could be a serial killer or have a warrant out for selling drugs right lol. The longer I sat there ON THANKSGIVING the more I had a feeling of dread. He comes back with a ticket in his hand. Arggggghhhhh, he explains that all I have to do is get it fixed blah blah blah and charges will get dropped. He left and I said under my breath,,, Happy Thanksgiving. On the way home tons of things went through my mind as why he gave me a ticket for such a little thing on a holiday. Hmmmm maybe he was mad having to work on a holiday or maybe his turkey was too dry. Oh maybe since it was the end of the month he still had to find some victims to fill up his quota. Anyway, that was just part of my week lol.

A few days before Thanksgiving I went to the craft store for some yarn with my friend so she could make the baby blankets for the new babies that have come this month. Yes on Friday my sister in law gave birth via c section to a baby girl. Her name is AnnaLisa I believe. I haven't heard much as they are a big family and have allot going on. She has a head full of hair which is unusual because all of her other 6 were bald at birth lol. So anyway, the other day we were coming from the store and going to my friends parents house to pick up some paper work she needed. When all the sudden the car in front of me went to the other lane and it is then that I saw a big huge dead dear in the middle of the road. It happened so quick that I could not stop or avoid it. Bump,,,,bump. Uhhhhh huh ok that was scary and I am freaking out all the way to her parents house. She on the other hand is cracking up. I have a used saturn ls that I havn't finished paying for yet and I have just run over a dead deer...grrr. Thank goodness it didn't damage the car phhhewwww that was scary.

I didn't go out on black Friday because I figured that I had enough drama for the week lol. However, I did go online and get some deals. This is how I shop for most of my Christmas list and birthdays etc. I'm not a fan of going in stores and dealing with the traffic and weather issues lol. Today I have spend allot of time on here changing things around and I'm still not sure I like it lol. Oh well it will do for now. I am trying a tag that D from Ds designs made for me..thanks again D :). Hope it works lol. Have a great rest of the week all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving all. This is the second time I have tried to post this lol. I guess it had to happen sooner or later right lol. We are staying home this holiday. The smell of turkey in the air. I am waiting for it to finish up and I have to finish making my stuffing yummmm. Safe travel wishes to you all who are out there and going some where. I'm so thankful for you all who come here and read my not so exciting blog lol. Of course I am also thankful for my family and friends. Have a great day :) Oh and thank you Emmi for the tag :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got on such a rant that I didn't post my awards lol. So sorry hehe. I'm not sure if I know how to post the links but I still want to put the names out there so here they are.

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Monica --- Monica's Mindless Mumblings

Ok so there you go. Have a good week :)

My First Award :)

Hi all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was a little bit of good a little not so good lol. First off I want to thank Alice for the Marie Antoinette award. It is my first ever award woohoo. Thank you so much Alice :). I will be posting some awards at the end of my post as well. It's hard to pick them as alot of you have them already lol. So if you get one from me and you already have it I am sorry and you don't have to pass it on as I know you have already done so lol.

Some what of an update on my brother. Looks like some toxins in his liver was causing the breaking out. He is not a drinker or anything like that so they are not sure why it happened. The lovely insurance he has is not covering his stay at the hospital which is around seven thousand dollars. Yeah real nice insurance place grrr. On Tuesday he will be going back to work so I hope all goes well and he can have some normalcy.

Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without a bingo loss. Yeaapppp went to bingo and didn't win..shock of all shocks lol. Spent the day today watching the Buffalo Bills kick some butt wooohoooooo. It's about time they won a game. Even though they won and hubby wasn't grumpy he chose to drive me nuts and start arguments. Sometimes I wonder why were are still married lol. I finally got some peace when he went to bed, finished the dishes and came on here to unwind.

Looks like we may just spend Thanksgiving just us three here this year. We were going to go to my sister and brother in laws then we all got invited to another sister in laws. I have met her twice and have never met her husbund. I don't know about you all but I much rather spend my day at home and relaxed then go to someones house I don't know and play nice lol. Oh well, there is always Christmas. I know for sure where I am going then hehe. Ok this is long enough lol .. have a good week all :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hi all. Thank goodness it is Friday lol. Yes, I know it's early but it is still Friday here hehe. My brother came home on Tuesday and they said he was good to go. He had an allergic reaction to the medicine for the initial breakout of hives. They never figured out what he was breaking out from. I don't know, it is still a bit confuseing lol. I'm going to call my mother today to see how it is all going. I know they were talking about him going back to work sometime this week.

My daughter is doing good. She was a bit upset and needed mom to cry on when she found out one of her friends might be moving and changing schools. It is up in the air and you know teens...everything is drama drama drama lol. I hope she doesn't move for all her friends sakes. They find out today for sure so we shall see. She cheered up a bit when her ipod touch came in the mail today. We got it from ebay because I would never pay full price lol. Actually, it was bought with her birthday money with a little extra chore money included. She loves it and so the texting is long forgotten lol. Oh, and it is something I have to take away when she is not listening etc... hey you have to have some leverage right lol.

Ok well I am off to go pay some bills online. Oh what fun it is to watch your money come and go lol....Not. Take care

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hiya all. Hope everyone is doing well. We are all doing good here. A relaxing and boring Sunday is nothing to complain about right lol. I tried calling my Mom and only got to talk to her for a few minutes. My brother is still in the hospital and they are running around like crazy getting him things and visiting him. Well, I guess there is no real answer as to what for sure is wrong with him. Come on, the kid is in his twenties and he is sick for a week the poor kid out!! I wish there was something that I could do but there really isn't. He is a super genius when it comes to computers and he really is doing good as far as his job etc. I just hope his health gets better asap so he can enjoy the holiday season. Whatever it is I hope it turns out not to be something serious. I'm going to call her in the morning and hope to hear good news. Ok well I will post if I find anything out. Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ya, I Know

Hi all. I know, I know, I havn't been on much this week. I just was at a loss for words lol. Writers block perhaps?? Not that I have tons of readers but I try to make at least three posts or more per week. Matter a fact I lost a reader when I took my little vacation of sorts.. oh well what can you do?

Not much going on this week ... well I guess that is a fib lol. I have a new cousin, a baby boy. My brother has been in and out of the hospital with some sort of rash and he was disoriented. Tons of tests later, and nothing solid until today. I just received a short email from my mom saying he was in the hospital under observation. It seems he is coming off some staroids he was on for allergies. He had a bad reaction to them. Well at least they know now and I hope he can get better asap. He missed work all week but at least his boss is understanding and told him he need not worry about still having his job when he came back.

I have started shopping online for Christmas. I try to avoid crowds and stores and plus I have a hard time getting around. Looking forward to Thanksgiving of course. We are going to my brother in laws for dinner. They have six kids with one due the day after Thanksgiving..yikes. I don't know how they do it without going insane lol. Ok have to go now and hope to post more this week. Take care

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Late Post

Hey all. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. We are doing good here. My husband had Friday off so after school we went to run some errands together. Now this doesn't happen too often. Either my hubby goes to the store by himself or with our daughter or her and I go. It was a nice change and we got through it lol. We went to Aldis and bulked up on lots of things since we don't make it there too often. I wish we had one closer but what can you do lol. After, we went to target to get my husband the things he needed for the winter weather that is coming. He delivers newspapers and mail so he is in the elements alot. I had to get this video game that is somewhat new so we ended up going to best buy for that. One last stop to pick up dinner at Outback and we started home. It was a long day but a good one. Now I have so much stuff I can't fit it all in so needless to say I have to clean out my kitchen and organize lol. Tomorrow I am planning on making pigs in the blanket or some call it stuffed cabbages. Yummy we love these, well everyone but my picky husband. So that is all we have planned for the rest of the weekend. That and watching the football game and maybe a rented movie.

We sat down with D my daughter to give her the list of punishments she is getting for the smoking incident. She lost her texting for a long time and won't be going to the concert she has been wanting to go to in December. There are a few other things but the texting is the worse for her lol. She cried, of course I felt bad but I told her that maybe next time she is thinking of doing something she knows is not right she will think back and not want to get punished like this again. So after some more talk and some hugs we got on with our day and she seems like she is coming to terms with the situation.

The picture above is of her and her cousin who goes to the same school and is the same age. They were born within a week of each other. Since then, five other cousins have joined in and the sixth is on its way come the end of November. I also have a second cousin that will be coming sometime near veterans day. I love babies and wish I could of had more but that was not the plan for me I guess. The other day I did some online baby shopping and can't wait to see these cuties come along.

Ok well, I will end this for now. Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Had a Nice Halloween and Busted!!!

Well, we had a nice Halloween. Didn't get many trick or treaters so I am told. Needless to say we still have candy left over ..blachh. I didn't win at bingo much to my surprised haha. Had a nice evening hanging out with a couple of friends of mine anyway. My daughter spent the night over her cousins house so I didn't have to be home at any particular time lol.

Right now my husband is out voting. I have not decided if I am going or not. I haven't been feeling that great so it will be a wait and see how long the line is lol.

The picture up above is of my sweet daughter years ago and our dog who was a puppy and so clean I have never gotten her that sparkly since I've had her lol. Anyway, when I look at that picture and ones of her when she was a baby I tear up. Yesterday she was busted smoking outside our house waiting for the bus. I don't think she thought I would peek out but I did. I stood there for a good half a minute watching puffs of smoke like a train float in the air near her. Not believing what I was seeing. This after all was my child who put others down for smoking and drinking. Even adults, she would chastise for drinking a beer. I cannot tell you how many times she has given her dad the evil eye when he said he had a beer out with friends at golf. We are not even allowed to have beer in our fridge or she freaks out. So tell me this, why oh why has she done this???? I'm eaten up inside and feel like such a bad parent. Well, we had a discussion with her last night and will let her soak in the thought of what kind of punishment she will get come Friday. The hammer is going to come down hard and swift and she will hate us for awhile. I am not looking forward to it but what can I do??

I need a beer and a cig LOL. Ok ok that won't solve a thing but I still want it. Oh, and we had a lice scare as a friend of mines daughter got it the other day. So far so good as we don't have it. Anything else want to happen this week??lol