Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hiya all. Hope everyone is doing well. We are all doing good here. A relaxing and boring Sunday is nothing to complain about right lol. I tried calling my Mom and only got to talk to her for a few minutes. My brother is still in the hospital and they are running around like crazy getting him things and visiting him. Well, I guess there is no real answer as to what for sure is wrong with him. Come on, the kid is in his twenties and he is sick for a week the poor kid out!! I wish there was something that I could do but there really isn't. He is a super genius when it comes to computers and he really is doing good as far as his job etc. I just hope his health gets better asap so he can enjoy the holiday season. Whatever it is I hope it turns out not to be something serious. I'm going to call her in the morning and hope to hear good news. Ok well I will post if I find anything out. Have a good week everyone.


Sara said...

Sending your Brother lots of get well soon thoughts m'dear. Must be awful not knowing for sure what the problem is.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

That has to be so frustrating to not know exactly what is wrong with someone!!! Wishing your brother well and a quick recovery.

Paula said...

Sending get well wishes to your brother.

Michelle said...

I will keep your brother in my prayers!



Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww your poor brother! I like your turkey running about your journal. Laine xxxx